Day 8: foosball, biliardino, pöytäjalkapallo, whatever…

Table football, also known as foosball or biliardino, is a table-top game and sport that is loosely based on association football.

The most common English names are table football, footzy, bar football and foosball, though table soccer is also used. Among Francophone players it is known as baby-foot. The name foosball is a loose transliteration of the German word “Fußball”, which itself means simply football.

In Chile the game is known as taca taca. In Germany and in Russia the game is most often called Kicker. From this German kicker, it’s using the word Kikkeri in Finland. In Finnish language, the words pöytäfutis and pöytäjalkapallo are also used. In Italy the most used names are biliardino and calcio balilla. In Hungary it is called csocsó. Through Brazilian regions, it has received several names, like totó, pebolim or fla-flu. In Spain the game is called futbolín (futbolí in Catalan). In Argentina, table football is known as metegol. In Guatemala, the game is called futillo. In Perú the game is known as fulbito de mesa or futbolí. In other Latin American countries, it is known as canchitas or futbolito. In Bulgaria the game is called djaga.

In Turkey the game is called Langırt. In Portugal it is called matraquilhos. In the Netherlands the game is called tafelvoetbal or kicker. In Canada it is widely known as gitoni (where a gettone or token is required to play the game), foosball and baby-foot in Quebec. In South Africa it is called Ta-Ta box. In Poland it is called piłkarzyki which means “little football players”. In Persian, it is called “football Dasti” which means hand football.

Day 6: Lake Parramatta

Lake Parramatta is the name of both the body of water that is the dammed Hunts Creek, and the nature reserve that surrounds it, in City of Parramatta, Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The catchment area for the Lake is bounded by North Rocks Rd, Pennant Hills Rd and Hunts Creek. Entry to the reserve is from Lackey Street, North Parramatta. The reserve is a popular recreational site.
The dam wall is 15 metres high and has created a lake holding 485,000 cubic metres of water, approximately equivalent to 9,700 backyard swimming pools, with a surface area of approximately 10 hectares.

Day 1: Chuck Taylor, the shoe salesman.


Chuck Taylor All Stars, or Converse All Stars, also referred to as “Converses”, “Chuck Taylors”, “All Stars”, “Chucks” or “Cons”, are canvas and rubber shoes produced by Converse. They were first produced in 1917 as the “All Star,” Converse’s attempt to capture the basketball shoe market. Chuck Taylor, a basketball player and shoe salesman for Converse, improved the shoe’s design and became the product’s spokesperson in the 1920s.