Day 20: Lennox Bridge, Parramatta

Lennox Bridge is a stone arch bridge in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia. It was designed by David Lennox and constructed with convict labour over the period 1836 to 1839, making it one of the oldest bridges in Australia. The bridge carries Church Street, the main street of Parramatta, over the Parramatta River.

Lennox Bridge is on the site of the earliest documented crossing of the Parramatta River in the Parramatta area, dating from early colonial settlement. The current bridge is the third on, or adjacent to, the site. The first was a simple timber footbridge which was destroyed by floods in 1795. The second – also a timber structure – was completed in 1802.

In 1901-1902 the bridge was strengthened internally for the Castle Hill Tramway. In 1912 the parapet on the western side was removed, providing a cantilevered pedestrian way. In 1934-5 this new section was removed; the Department of Main Roads widening the bridge in order to handle increased traffic, replacing the original balustrading with an open concrete type.

In 2012 it was controversially proposed to construct tunnels through the bridge on both sides of the bank for pedestrians and cyclists. This was approved by Parramatta City Council at the end of the year.