Why every web developer should join the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

Documentation is essential for learning web developers. Most new developers pop over to sitepoint or buy a book from O’Reilly. But I’m offering another option. Some new developers even head over to w3schools.com thinking its affiliated with the w3c, which it’s not (check out http://w3fools.com/). Either way there are many libraries on-line however none are really affiliated with a major body. Except MDN.

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an excellent source for budding web developers. It covers all of the main areas for web development including one of the best JavaScript guides on-line. Being affiliated with Mozilla, the creator of Firefox means they will always be focused on the web.

So why should I join the MDN? Well one of the great things about the MDN reference site is that it’s an editable Wiki. Meaning you can add to the documentation, you can contribute to the learning of new web developers. The slogan that sits at the top of the home page “It’s the Web. You drive.” sums it up nicely. I signed up and within minutes I had the power to edit any documentation on the site.

So sign up, contribute, spread the word and let us make this the authority source for learning.