SASS Comments: Comment all you like. No really.

I first encountered these zero comment CSS stylesheets about a month ago. At first I was like “what is going on here? Why no comments!”. It was a bit weird, I felt lost in the code. Then I thought about it and figured out that they were using SASS or LESS to output their CSS and were really extensively commenting their CSS. With SASS you can comment using the notation used in javascript and these comments don’t get outputted in the resulting CSS file.

// this Comment in SASS will never reach the web.

Since this realisation about SASS comments being so awesome, I too have been leaving zero comments. First it indicates that this is a CSS Preprocessor output file and that you should probably update the original rather than this file unless you want some angry dev monkey swinging by. It also means you can extensively comment your CSS with Bug Tracking Numbers, Client commentary on certain styles, Bug fixes, Iteration maintenance tasks. Really now you can read the whole story about the websites style without any loss in performance.