So what do we do with Opera?

So what do we do with Opera? In this world of the ever evolving browser wars. Here we have a browser that is always out smarting the popular browsers with its cutting edge developments. Normally it serves as an inspiration of what we can expect in the popular browsers, however it lacks major browser share. At 2.2% (August 2012) you would think it was a lost cause. Wrong! It actually has over 270 million users world wide [1].

So one use I find perfect for Opera is using it as a finely tuned work tool. When you think of browsing the web, it normally entails checking out a local news site, Watching some pelvic thrusting cats and seeing what your eccentric Aunt is up to on Facederp. But some people actually do work inside a web browser. Really! For those of you who use a browser for work, you  will want something fast, very fast. Also you will want something separate from the browser you normally use Facederp on. Opera is the perfect work browser. Its fast, it hardly breaks and it’s completely separate to your personal browser. So you don’t need to worry about Bookmarks syncing to your home computer or what not. Even having a different icon is beneficial as this allows faster program switching. So give Opera a try as your work browser.