Bourbon SASS

CSS frameworks tend to be very large and bloated. They can be very handy and if the performance downside wasn’t an issue id think they would be more popular on the web today.

Bourbon a SASS CSS framework has taken this problem and put it on its head. They are loading a comprehensive and very handy CSS framework as a SASS file. This include browser vendors prefixes, CSS Animations, Button styles and many other current CSS techniques. Normally you wouldn’t dare to add these CSS rules as your CSS would bloat to the size of a chocolate happy hippo. But with SASS these won’t be included and will only end up in your final CSS if used. Genius. I am now expecting a lot more of the these SASS frameworks to pop up as it solves a lot of CSS framework issues at present. Maybe even a CSS Preprocessor specifically designed for CSS frameworks might be present in the near future.

Button Example
To include a button style simple add the following line of code:

button { @include button; }